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2nd Week in the Field

Habanero attack!!!

Elder Farrow and his Companion attend mutual.

Epic clouds!!!!!

19 Noviembre 2012
Hola mi familia! Another week in México has gone by! Its still crazy to think that I am here living a Mexican life haha I love it. I am slowly getting the hang of things in Cananea. At first all of the streets looked exactly the same to me. the same scraggly dogs, the same piles of trash on both sidewalks, but now I pretty much know my way around town. As I mentioned in my last email, Cananea is a very large area and we were doing tons of speed walking throughout the day. I suggested bikes! hah so I spent 550 pesos on a new bici (about 50 bucks). Its a piece of junk, but its faster than walking. Cananea has tons of hills and my legs ache like crazy by the end of the day, but soon I will have some James Weeks thighs!
This week Elder Villegas and I had a good week. We picked up 4 new investagators and taught some great lessons. In one lesson with a couple, Teresa and Daniel, we opened by watching a powerful 30 minute movie on the Savior and His life, followed up with the 1st lesson of Preach my Gospel, about the aspostacy, restauration and the Book of Mormon. the Spirit was there! It was like the Holy Ghost flew into the room and dropped a truth bomb, because everything we said, they agreed about and it all seemed like it made sense to them. We commited them to baptism and they wanted to go to church! Those are the kind of lessons missionaries look forward to. Each morning we pray for the hearts and minds of the people of Cananea to be opened as we go out and share what we know to be true, and when we have an experience like we did this week, it makes the 40 minute bike ride out to the ghetto of Cananea worth it :)
That was a highlight of my week, other than that mostly just a lot of short "lessons" with our investagators. We go all the way out to their homes and have prepared lessons for them and they have excuses for why they cant have us stay for too long. so often it becomes a 10 minute door aproach on the importance of going to church, or a follow up on their book of mormon reading, or things along those lines. The people are so darn nice to us, but the truth is they are living relatively good lives and they dont see the need to change. They are content with their, family work, home, etc. and dont really want to go to church on sunday.
I do stay positive and am constantly smiling, but sometimes its hard to be optimistic when you invite 15 people to come to church on Sunday, 12 accept, and 0 come Sunday morning!! oh man! our sacrament meeting starts at 10am and there were 18 people seated in the chapel when we sang the opening hymn. 10 or so more members shuffled in during the rest of the hour.
My spanish is coming along! I am speaking up a lot more in lessons and it seems I am speaking faster! but yeah its still very difficult to express myself, and depending on the mexican I can either understand 80% or 5%, some people here talk so fast or mumble like crazy. I mostly survive conversations by laughing nodding my head, and saying "siiiiiii" haha. its tons of fun making people smile, and i wave at absolutely everyone haha most the time they dont wave back. The food is amazing, and I continue to try a new kind of food every day! this week I took a bite out of a Jabenero pepper (google search that one) and 15 seconds after munchin on that thing i was sweating bullets! no joke!
All in all, a very good week. I am growing, learning, feeling the spirit and having fun. There is no greater calling then to be a set apart servant of the Lord. I love this little town and the people that live here. I want my family to know how much I love them and appreciate their support. I know Garret and I will be missed very much these next 2 years for Thanksgiving. We really are the 2 coolest family members... besides Tristo. Thank you for you package family, it was pretty hillarious opening it up and only seeing greeeeen! Have a great week, and I will write again next Monday! Love you all
-Elder Farrow

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