Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last Few days in the MTC

Highlight of Elder Farrow's week was helping traffic in the new Elders on Halloween!

Who knew that the otter tie would come in handy on Halloween;)
jussss workin out!

 My teacher Brother Lloyd! Our last day with him! He also taught Garret at the MTC!!!
Elder Sam Walker!!!!! from Weblos! hes all grown up :)
 Nov. 3, 2012

Hola Mi familia!!!

It is incredible to think that I will be in Mexico in less than 48 hours!! Oh my Gosh! It's really happening! Much has happened this week. I expressed a little in my last e-mail how my district and i were experiencing a wave of "senioritis" and that we were so excited to get to Mexico! Knowing Hermosillo was so close,  motivated me to work especially hard at the MTC this week, so I could hit the ground running on Monday! I was able to finish the Book of Mormon last night! What a confirmation of my testimony of the truthfulness of that Book! More than ever before 3rd Nephi stood out to me the most, as we know that is when Jesus Christs visits the Americas and established His church! What a privileged dispensation we are to have the Book of Mormon!

Let's see.. Tuesday night I sang in the MTC choir! I wasn't going to sing, but then an Elder from my zone asked me join him, it was our last devotional and we had seats on the 1st row! Everybody said no to him, and since I had been Zone Leader in the past I knew that this Elder had been struggling a bit, so I decided to join him!   He described his thoughts of the MTC and I was able to give him some good advise about this next week and preparing for the field. That night we heard the words of Don R. Clarke! He spoke of the importance of Baptism and working with the Members!

Also this week I was able to be a traffic directed for the new missionaries that came in on Wednesday. It's sad that that's a huge highlight of my week, I had a lot of fun with it haha Halloween was different than it had ever been before. naturally, I felt the spirit of the holiday and tried my best to include halloween puns throughout the day. Most were lame, but i got a few laughs here and there. Thursday night my district held a fake baptismal service for our fake investigator Andres. We had worked with him for a month giving him lessons and what not, and this baptism felt pretty real! I had the chance to conduct the service and we really had hyms, prayers, talks and a special musical number! I cant wait to have a real one in a few short weeks!

The Truth is I could go on and on about little details of what happened this week, but I will chose to express some of my thoughts as I prepare to serve my Lord in Mexico! I have lived an incredible life and know that everything that happened has built me up and prepared me for this next 2 years of my life. I am ready. I promise you that your son, brother, cousin, grandson, friend or whatever else I might be to you, will be the hardest working elder Mexico has to offer. I am dedicated to this work. Nothing brings me more happiness then thinking of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everybody I meet. I am ready for what ever God has in store for me! I know this church is true! That the tomb is empty and that my Savior Jesus lives! Through Him and his atoning sacrifice we will be able to return with our father in heaven again! I know this, I have had a continued confirmation throughout my life and especially here at the MTC that these things are true. The fullness of the gospel is here today. I have studied it, I believe it, I live it, I love it, and now I am going to teach it! I am a part of the greatest work the world has to offer and can't wait for the future! Mexico bring it on!

I love you family, thank you for your love and support! Thank you for your letters these last few weeks. Mom be expecting a call soon :) I will be in the airport from 6-8 Utah time. I will call your cell sometime between then.

Love you all! Remember the Nails

- Elder Farrow

Ps brookie good job with applying to schools! this is a fun year in your life! live it up and enjoy yourself. Balls thank you for you letter I love you so much. All jokes aside you are cool. oooonga

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