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I Mustache You a question!

Elder Farrow found this 6 inch friend outside his door one morning!

The Green Mansion! the biggest house in Cananea. show Grandpa Moon!!! he wrote me about this

- debbie farrow passes on her buns to her son                                                                                                           

26 Noviembre 2012

Como esta mi familia!!!! This week was another great week in Cananea! I cannot tell you how much I love the people here, every single mexicano i meet is so unique and always has an incredibly random, dangerous, funny, sad, or mind-blowing story to tell. just a little update on my spanish speaking: it is getting better and better every day and I find myself speaking tons more and even thinking in spanish! aaand its always a great sign when I am teaching the Plan of Salvation while I sleep talk hahaha! Every morning I read the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and my comp says that the book of Mormon is my best spanish textbook to study from! My sentences are getting more fluid and i am feeling more confident. Everyone is impressed when I tell them it is only my 3rd week in Mexico. I tell them it pays off when you stay up late watching marathon after marathon of Dora the Explorer!

This week the days were very long. We spent many hours biking from casa to casa trying to teach, give service, or anything that LDS missionaries could help with. The truth is many of our inverstagators are not progressing. We made the decision to drop some of the people we have been teaching these last couple weeks. This was my 1st experience ''letting go'' of the people I had grown to love, care about, and pray for by name daily! This was difficult. After hearing excuse after excuse and getting rejected at our door aproaches, we really needed some success. I realized the field IS white already to harvest, and we just need to find those who are ready to embrace this Gospel!

So! this week, starting thursdayish, we began finding new people to teach! and oh man was I loving this. I got to talk to everyone and anyone! I look forward to the times that I get to share my testimony with these mustache, churro-eating, mariachi dancing, mexican strangers! Together Elder Villegas and I wrote in our agendas the names and addresses of 30 plus people that are willing and wanting to hear a little bit more of our message of families and growing closer to God and Jesus Christ!

Also this week, I got word from the mission office that I needed to bus down to Hermosillo to work on my Visa. So, I shuttled by my self from Cananea down to Hermosillo [about a 5 and half our ride[ took a cab to the immigration offices and met up with the assistants. I signed 10 or so papers and waited for an hour, then I was told that I could go back to my area. so, I took another 5 and a half bus ride home to Cananea. hahah . On the way home, I was lucky enough to sit next to a woman that had a billion questions about our religion and missionaries. I did my best to answer her questions, and taught her 2 lessons, and placed a book of mormon! HAH! she even read it for 20 or so minutes. but yes, really that was my entire day on Saturday.

Each day I wake up to a new adventure. I want you all to know that I am working my tail off. harder than I every have before. My companion calls me a greenie, laughs, and makes fun of me during the day because of my drive. I dont really care what he says, or what he tells other missionaries, this is the kind of missionary I am, and the kind of missionary I will be for my entire mission. Daily I strive to improve, and strive to be the Elder that my family is praying I will be. The days are rough, but the words of my Dad run through my head as I bike up the steepest hills I've ever climbed, ''When the going get's tough, the tough get tougher!''

I love serving my Lord Jesus Christ. I love putting on my name tag every morning, I love looking in the mirror and reading the words, ELDER FARROW La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias. I am blessed to be a missionary at this time in my life. My testimony is growing and I have a love for this Gospel like never before in my life. I know my Father in Heaven is aware of his son Blake in Mexico. Already I have felt his influence in my mission. I Know his angels are round about his missionaries today. On this thanksgiving weeks, I am grateful for a loving Mother and Father who taught me correct principles growing up. I am graeful for loving beautiful sisters who live righteously. I am grateful for cousins who have become my brothers and have been examples to me all my life. I am grateful for a special cousin serving with me in Argentina. I am grateful for my family. You are all an amazing support group. You are in my prayers, and I love each one of one of you!!!!

Your Missionary,

-Elder Farrow

ok so this address is the address of a sisters home in Douglas Arizona and she makes a trip to Agua Prieta every weekend. you can send packages to this address and she will bring them to the missionaries here in Agua Prieta. I go there every Sunday. Sending packages and letters this way is way faster and cheaper. Kinda cool huh?! one of the pros from serving close to the border! I could get packages and letters within the week!

Elder Farrow
C/O Elba Lopez Nunez
1231 E 18th St
Apt B
Douglas, AZ 85607-1788


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