Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Week in the Field

Lots of murals around town!

Decorations for Cananea.

Everyone drives VW bugs.

Panorama of the city Elder Farrow is serving.
12 Noviembre 2012
Hola Familia!!!

Besides almost getting thrown in jail wednesday night, and getting my backpack, scriptures and camera stolen, this week was incredible! hahahaha Just Kidding!!!!

What an incredible week. I dont even know where to start. I guess I´ll begin by saying that I am in a completely different world! it is crazy how much is different. We Americans have been so spoiled our entire lives. Cananea is a very poor town and Elder Villegas and I have been blessed and privileged to serve here. Today I am writing my e-mail in a city called Agua Prieta. Super close to the border. I will go here every Sunday night for our district meeting. but oh my gosh I absolutely love Mexico..

I told you a bit about mi casa and mi compaƱero. Living conditions are gonna be just fine, but it is strange to sleep in a room that has walls infested with cockroaches haha. my showers are less than 2 minutes, because the water is ice! we get warm water once a day at 3 oclock randomly, and we are never home at that time. my comp and I get along just fine. He is very patient with me and we seem to mesh well. He reigns from Pueblo Mexico and is a convert of 3 years.

All the mexicans don't believe me when I tell them that it is my first week in spanish. They say I look like a movie star and speak very well. Of course I am having difficulties with the language. I understand ALMOST everything people say, but have a hard time expressing myself in espaƱol. I might not be able to have an adult conversation with people, but dang can I testify! You would not believe the kind of people I have taught this week. So many weirdos. So many amazing people.

Cananea is a small pueblo where 90% of the people work in the bronze mine on the west side of the town. There is only one branch here of ablout 35 active members. there are 300 plus inactive members, and most struggle with working on Sunday´s. For the most part mexicans are extremely friendly and I enjoy making them smile. My comp says I walk like a cholo haha (Brooke or Bails, or a Jonas brother) Elder Villegas and I are the only 2 missionaries in cananea and do tons of walking! Close to 10 miles daily! my feet ache when we return to our home every night. I love workin hard. I am ready to whip this mission into shape. I have already seen the struggles some missionaries have with obedience. Villegas says he has been waiting for a companion like me. Cananea hasn't seen a baptism in 5 months... Weeez about to change that. The days are very long, and already I have experienced rejection! Its depressing! We have a message so great and so beautiful, but people just wont listen and we get the door slammed in our face. But hey, when they do that I stay positive. I am grateful for the breeze that they made from closing their door so quickly :))

I have taught 2 homeless men! We taught a lesson in his shack? crazy, he treated us like his guests of honor and he sat on a stump while my companion and I sat on his torn computer chair and metal folding chair. We taught a great first lesson to him! we checked up on him the next day and he memorized like 10 or so names of Book of mormon Prophets because we gave him a copy and when he had trouble reading Moroni, we showed him the pronunciation pages in the back of the book! haha this man has faith! Pray for Armondo.

We also teach a single mother named Yurie, a widowed woman named Norma, Angelica, Maritza, and others! I love teaching lessons. I swear my spanish gets better every single day. I pick up 20 to 30 words a day. the fooood!!!! Its good!!! half the time I don't know what I am eating, but I eat it all and I love it. I see know why Grandma Moon is so good at her mexican meals! every woman here loves to cook and loves to make gringos happy. And man is everything spicy haha I have just accepted that everything I eat is going to be spicy, so I now put hot sauce on everything. People aren't kidding when they say real mexican food is hot going in AND coming out. I have spent some good time in the bathroom this week. I hope I can get accustomed to the food quick!

I have tons to tell, but I have a bus to catch shipping me back to Cananea. I absolutely love being a missionary. I look forward to the next weeks, months and years here in this crazy, beautiful, strange, loud, dirty, amazing country! I am so thankful for the family and support that I have over the border ;) I know I am loved and i promise I will make you all proud. I am striving to be the missionary my family and my Savior needs me to be.


Elder Farrow

p.s. a little bird told me that Obama won the election. actually I found out while watching the news on a little TV at a market. but yes. good luck Americans.

I'm gonna try to send some pictures right now

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