Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Estoy Bien!

This area looks to me like it's a mining town;)
Hey fam!
  Mission president gave us permission to send home a quick email! I am safe! I arrived in Hermosillo yesterday at about 1 and was greeted by the mission prez, his wife, and los asistentes. Hermosillo is a desert! flying over the city was a crazy experience, all I could do was smile and say a prayer in my heart! We made our way to the mission home (a 20 second walk to the temple!) and had lunch with them and the new missionaries, about 12 of us. there were new ones from the mexican mtc too!! anyways, we had a brief meeting and were paired up with our new companions! I have been selected to serve with Elder Villegas in the area of Cananea! He is a massive 5 foot 2, and is pretty laid back, but he is ready to go to work! esta area es muy cerca de Arizona! I took a 5 hour bus ride from Hermosillo to Cananea in a crazy bus haha seats were comfy but we were boucin all over the place! the roads are a mess, filled with potholes! But oh my gosh, Mexico is crazy haha I dont know if it was what I expected, but I love it. Elder Villegas and I live in a pretty good sized apartment! 2 rooms, with a semi kitchen, and makeshift closset and a nice bathroom. yo dormí buenísimo y tuve un sueno de mariposas y hadas. lo mejor. Today we studied were out the door by 11. I can tell this is going to be tons of fun and a lot of work. Tonight I have 3 lessons!!!!!! hahahah I am so happy to be starting this crazy adventure. I promise I´ll send more pictures and give more details next week!

My P days are going to be on mondays and I will write you then. So happy to finally be in Mexico!

more pics coming next week. weird how todays emails worked out. half hour at a members house, another halfy at la papelaria!!!! yeeeehawww this life is gooood. and very huble, and dirty, loks of dogs and the food isnt sitting welll. oh and everything is spicy hahah love you 


Elder Farrow

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