Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goodbye Cananea, Hello Hermosillo!!!

15 de abril 2013

Hello Family! Like I had predicted I ineed have been transfered from my home and family in Cananea. I write you this email from a much larger internet cafe in Hermosillo Sonora. I have been chosen to serve in an area called Cuauhtémoc, towards the south side of the city. I will be training a brand new Elder, I will be District Leader and I will be opening a new area! I have already been blessed with so many different things so far on my mission, and now I have been blessed with the oportunity to serve as a leader here in Mexico. My new companion has yet to arrive, but he should be coming soon. He is flying in tonight from the Dominican Republic! Super Stoked!

A million things are absolutely running through my head write now, but I will try to give you a quick update on what has gone down these last few days. This week was a week of many emotional lasts. As much as I wanted to spend my time bouncing from house to house saying my goodbyes, I knew there was tons of work to be done in Cananea before I shipped off to my new area. We have very worked hard with our friend Patricia. I am happy to say she will be baptised this Saturday. After some minor changes in her personal life, and a few solid member visits, Patricia is really ready for this big step in her life. Her story is one that has stood out to me through my time here in Mexico. They have always told me that the field is white already to harvest, and I understand it better now that I have been an instrument in the Lords hand with Pattys conversion. She was so prepared. Although she had some bumps in the road, she now understands the importance of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily. Sure im a little bummed that I wont be able to see her be baptised this weekend, but I know there are many many opportunities that lie ahead of me in Hermosillo!

A big highlight of my week was that I was able to get a tour of the copper mine. A lady in the branch is helping a boss from the mine with his visa, and he generously invited us to a quick visit up the hill to do some sight seeing! after a call to our mission president, he gave us the a-o-k to visit. I was able to go to the top of the mountain at the highest point of cananea, to look over at the area that I had served in for nearly 6 months. Pretty sweet.

A little later in the week we got a phone call at 6 in the morning from Hermano Alday, who gave us the news that Gabriella Figeuroa was in the hospital and that her family wanted her to recieve the holy ghost and be confirmed before entering into her surgery at 8. That is all he told us. To tell you the truth, we were thinking of the absolute worst possibilities, and that perhaps Gabi was facing the threat of death. We hurried, got dressed and sprinted up the hill to the hospital where we were greeted by the Figeuroas, also where we recieved more information about Gabi. How great was our joy when we found out that Gabi was only going to have her apendix removed! None the less, we gave little her a blessing, as well as the Gift of the Holy Ghost. There in a small, tattered, hospital bed she was confirmed a member of our church. Even with the distractions of doctors tending to patients, crying babies and wheeling hospital trays, there was a magnificent spirit we felt there with our hands on her little head. Once again the tears almost came for me as I knelt down to her level after the blessing, looked her in the eyes and told her she was now able to be accompanied by the holy spirit, I assured her she was never ever alone and that, perhaps now more than ever she would be able to feel her Saviors love throughout her surgery and the days to follow. Turning back to her and giving her a thumbs up as I left the hospital room was the last I ever saw of my little mexican friend! I always told Gabi that she was the mexican version of my little sister back in San Diego.

Its super moments like those when you want the spirit to last forever. I love the mission. I learned a myriad of random things in Cananea, including: patience, love for companions, good study habits, how to shower with freezing water, what not to do if a street dog comes barking  at you, the spiciness of the food here, and SO much more. Words cant describe how much I love the good people of Cananea, and I am so looking forward to the experiences that are in store, and the people I have yet to meet here in CuauhtĂ©moc! Love you all and have an awesome week. yolo

Love, Elder Farrow

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  1. Hi Elder Farrow,

    I found your blog as I was searching for information about Hermosillo. My son, Nathan, was just called to the Hermosillo mission. He will be reporting to the Provo MTC on October 30. Maybe you will meet him! He's at BYU-I right now, so I forwarded him a link to your blog so he can learn more about where he will be serving. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your testimony and mission experiences!

    Jenny Van Aken