Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello Family! I hope all is well on this lovely memorial day. From the pictures you sent me, I can tell that you are having no fun at all enjoying the perfect weather and cool pool water that San Diego has to offer. My poor family! haha on a serious note, this week was excellent, and super fast. Sometimes I cant believe how fast the days fly by. I few a few sweet experiences this week.

 On a super positive note I have been saved from all my sins thanks to a very passionate Christian man we met in the bus. We began to talk like we usually do with strangers, and the moment he understood that we were Mormons he put up his dukes and started bashing us with trash, silly things really. I am happy to say I took a more passive approach and listened to his every word, question, complaint, gossip and doubt. Lo and behold we got off the bus at the same time. As it was late in the afternoon, we were blessed with a very tranquil setting on the side of the road, where this man (named Valdemar, kinda like Voldemort) asked us if we wanted to repent and be saved. Without hesitating I said YES! So together we prayed. Elder Castro and I repeated after him and aloud we announced that we had accepted Christ and were willing to give up our sins. We left with a firm handshake, and he left with a huge smile on his face. Single handed he has helped 2 young servants of Jesus Christ enter into the kingdom of Heaven

We as members of the church have a different approach to salvation, and it is my unique opportunity to teach people the importance of living parallel to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ and enduring to the end. Haha, we had some pretty sweet lessons this week. I absolutely love being a missionary, there is nothing like it. I kid you not my testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday. Daily I am tested and daily I am fortified by this gospel. I work tons with Catholics here in Mexico and lots of times I can see the angst, and uneasiness in their eyes when we testify of the TRUTH, they almost are fearful of change and are unwilling to act on faith. As missionaries there is nothing to fear, and that if they are established on the rock of Christ, like we are, they will be blessed.

Those couple sentences I just wrote pretty much sum up the majority of my work here in Hermosillo. Find, teach, testify, invite. If they aren't willing to ask and act, we keep looking. Its a fun job being a missionary, I love it and cant believe how fast time is flying. Thank you family for your love, support and prayers. They are not going unanswered. I know my savior lives and loves us, I know that God is aware of all of His children in every situation and circumstance. This church is so true, and the blessings we can receive by living the gospel of Jesus Christ are real. and when we do our part they will come. Stay happy my good family!

Elder Farrow

P.S. Enjoy these last few days of school sisters, but don't slack off. When in doubt, do as I did and be perfect like me hahah jk but really. Give SPHS a big shout out for me yolo

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