Monday, May 20, 2013

Studly Week

Hello family! what an incredible week! Things are going very well here in Hermosillo. Still staying positive through the bumps and potholes on the road. Elder Castro and I are understanding each other a lot better!  Investigators are progressing and we look forward to some more baptisms in a few short week. Our fingers are crossed that the people we teach will continue to hold on to the iron rod and act on the prompting they receive. I love this missionary work. There is nothing like preparing a perfect cookie cutter lesson to each and every one of our investigators. I continue to have fun teaching

The highlight was obviously our special visit from Elder D. Todd Christofferson! Like I said in last weeks email I was preparing all week for his visit. Through much prayer, study and even fasting I felt prepared mentally and spiritually to listen to the words of a living prophet. Also all week, 8 of us missionaries prepared a special musical number, "La Luz de la Verdad", and were all super pumped to sing on Saturday morning when he would arrive.

The ENTIRE MISSION met on Saturday, and we waited patiently for Elder Christofferson as well as Donald L Hallstrom who is a member of the presidency of the 70. From the moment they arrived we could litterally sense the spirit as if their every movement and step were being guided by guardian angels. To begin the conference 8 of us Elders stood in the corner of the chapel and sang. We absolutely nailed it and we could all feel the spirit while we sang. Very special musical performance for all of us. Later we were Even complimented by Elder Christofferson. We heard from both the wives of the General Authorities then were privileged to hear from these Apostolic Ministers. Their messages were centered around how we might be able to be even stronger followers of Jesus Christ, and the way our Father in Heaven GIVES according to our DESIRES. I listened to every single word with all of my heart and soul, took notes when when I could but really focused on my thoughts and the promptings from the spirit I was hearing.

There came a point in the conference when Elder Christofferson opened it up to questions and answers. I raised my hand and the microphone was passed in my direction. I was surprised by my boldness, I didn't let nerves or fear get in my way of asking a question to an Apostle of the Lord! I asked him, "Sabemos que la caridad es el amor puro de Cristo, pero cuáles son las maneras en que podemos amar como El amaba?" or, in english, "We know the charity is the pure love of Christ, but what are the ways that we can love like He loved?" He gave me a beautiful sincere answer that I will never forget. He told us that humility is the key to loving others, and that if we are humble we will naturally look to give service, to listen, to care for others and love like Christ loved. He couldn't have been any clearer. This was a very special experience for me, one in which I quite literally received an answer from my Heavenly Father.

The rest of the weekend continued to be a solid few days. We were blessed to have 4 of our investigators attend church on Sunday, and you know it has been a good week when you return home on Sunday night and your neighbors offer to give you carne asada. I am so blessed to have an incredible family and support group, thank you for your love and your prayers. You all continue to be in mine. I know with 100% of my heart that the church is true and that I am called of a prophet of God to be a missionary in Hermosillo. My testimony grows so much every week and I understand my potential more and more. I have so many goals haha don't get me started. I hope I was able to be clear in my emailing today, because this week really was a spectacular one. Love you fam!

-Elder Farrow

P.S. I got a new mailing address from the United States that you can use!!!!!  But don't send any letters, they asked us to only send packages. just include your letters in the box! hah the address belongs to Julia Chavez

Elder Blake Farrow
8724 E. Crecent Av
Mesa, AZ, 85208

yeah baby!

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