Monday, December 2, 2013

We made it to December!

Dec. 2, 2013

Each new months offers so much growth and to think of everything that has happened since last Christmas. A year ago I was just mumbling my Spanish, freezing to death in Cananea, biking up and down hills like a crazy person. I am thankful for the changes that have taken place in me, and especially for the opportunity I have to serve as a missionary here in Mexico. but yeee this week was great.

Tuesday night we had a huge meeting with all the the Bishops, ward councils, Hermosillo missionaries and Elder Benjamin De Hoyos from the Quorum of the 70. We we once again reminded of the urgency and necessity of missionary work and how the ward leaders and every ward member has a special part in the work. It was fun to see some old friends Quautemoc and other missionary buddies from other parts of Hermosillo. That night we started another interchange with Elder Treuhauft and Elder Huerta. Like I had said last week, it was the plan for me to stay and my area, and I was priveleged to work with Elder Treuhauft. On Wednesday morning I studied Dads devotional speech on staying positive and being cheerful and it helped me a ton and I was able share lots of my thoughts with my temporary companion. Later in the day our food appointment suddenly canceled on us but they were generous enough to give us 150 pesos to go buy some lunch. We decided to split the money 50/50, put it in our wallets and kept on working. We didn't eat until night time because we were still pretty full from the banana pancakes I made for us in the morning. We had an awesome day and had a ton of fun teaching 7 lessons! In one of these lessons we made up a song to the tune of Happy Birthday to help 9 year old Joel understand the Word of Wisdom, "No tomamos café o te, no tomamos alcohol, no fumamos ni drogamos, pa que tengamos salud!" hahah we had fun.

Thanksgiving isn't just the same without family and a pickup football game, but Elder Joyner and I managed to get by. Actually we were treated like kings at a royal feast with Jina and her family! They were super nice to us and made us feel like family. Thursday turned out to be a super slow day, and we were rejected soo much. You just have to laugh it off and stay positive and be cheerful I guess ;) But we had an awesome lunch so we were good.

Friday, I don't really remember what I did, but I did rip my pants jumping a fence. To finish up the day we had an awesome lesson with my best buds, Jesus and Alonzo. They invited us to mutual as their special guests and talked to all the youth about how cool it is to serve a mission, and the blessings that come from serving the Lord. At the same time we gave a solid 40 minute lesson about the Plan of Salvation. We had every participated and it was great. We got all spiritual tat the end and Alonzo gave the closing prayer! We want to help them enter the waters of baptism here at the end of the month, we pray and fast that their mom will understand, and accept the gospel.

Saturday ended up being another pretty slow day, but we found an awesome new investigator named Carlos. Hes single, super rich, respects missionaries, and wants to read the Book of Mormon. What more could you ask for. We will see if Carlos progresses, he has a jammed packed schedule and only is free on the weekends.

Sunday was a very edifying day. We saw lots of our investigators at church and pretty much everybody was in tears during the testimony meeting the 1st hour. The spirit was definitely there. Lots bore their testimony and even Elder Joyner and I got up there.

We pray and fast for miracles, then look for them every day. I believe God grants miracles based on His children's diligence and obedience. But having a belief is only half the battle, the other part is staying strong and holding to the rod. I know now that faith is a whole lot more that hope for things that you cant see. Its living day to day with real desire and having the drive, dream and determination to reach your goals. I give my thanks to my family, your support and prayers strengthen me hourly. I love my Father in Heaven, and I love my Savior. I feel their love every single day. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Farrow

1. starting off the intercambios, driving home from the meeting with De Hoyos
2. washin dishes with Jina!
3. A turtle

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