Monday, December 23, 2013

Away in a silent night!

Dec 23, 2014

I titled this email Away In A Silent Night because I have sung Away In A Manger and Silent Night soooo many times this month! I love singing and using the hymns as tools to invite the spirit before talking about Christ :) La Navidad is great here in Hermosillo, and there is a very special Christmas spirit with us as missionaries finishing up this year. Like always lots happened this week. Tuesday Morning the assistants invited us to sing with them at an pre-school. We sang, Silent Night haha, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, and randomly the church hymn, Choose The Right.The schools principal was a precious old woman and gave a heartfelt 10 minute pump up speech to her 50 young students and their parents. Then we sang :) We got a standing ovation. haha just kidding, maybe half of the people there were paying attention but we really had some fun with it.

Elder Joyner and I were assigned as baby sitters this week because we were accompanied by 3 different Elders. (Bush, Sierra and Perez) the 3 of whom finished there missions Wednesday and needed a place to stay, so prez asked us to quidar them until their departure. I had fun hearing the testimonies of these Elders in their final week of the mish. I am now considered "old" in the mission and it scares me to think that I am in the final transfers of my mission. Also my companion Elder Joyner is finishing up his last weeks here in Sonora and I'm trying my best to keep him from gettin trunky and help stay positive. I want to send him home on a stretcher because we worked so hard here. This week we also did some service and painted a house.

But really, this week was legit! Our dats weren't super high, but we were able to see good progress with our investigators. Also we we able to give 3 baptismal interviews! All of the DLs baptised this week, it was cool. I was really impressed by Laura, who I interviewed Friday night, who quit smoking after her 1st lesson with the missionaries. She said she felt sick just thinking about smoking and once the missionaries left her house after the 1st visit she never picked up another cigarrette. Also This week we had our Posada, or Christmas Ward Party. Sadly, nothing here in Mexico starts on time and we had to split right when it was pickin up, but we were able to see the cutest real nativity play put on by the primary. You know the church is true when you see the shepards sword fighting with their canes, while the angel is telling them Jesus is born! :)

We have a newish investigator named Anamaria, who accepted a baptisimal date for the 25th of January. She couldn't make it to church this Sunday but what she told us Thursday Morning has been running through my head all week. She said "I think I have found what I was looking for". She loves praying with us and there is always a powerful spirit with us while we teach her. Anamarias countenace is changed every time we visit and both Elder Joyner and I have a good feeling about her!

I have tons to tell you all but Ill save it for Christmas Day when Ill see you again. casi no extraño mi familia pero en estas fechas si la extraño. espero que estén felices y que se sientan la paz y gozo que yo siento en esta temporada tan bonita. Que siempre recuerden la razón de la navidad, que recuerden Cristo y Su nacimiento y ejemplo! I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I am grateful for the patience He has excercised with me. I have had an entire year to reflect upon His love and to understand the magnitude of His infinite atonement. I know that through Him we are happy and by Him we will be saved. This Christmas it is my only wish that we might all draw closer to Jesus Christ, by repenting of our sins and looking forward with hope and faith. I know that enormous changes are the results of a humble heart. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and declaring the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ every single day of my life. There is no greater gift or reward this Christmas season!

I love you all so much! Have a very very merry Christmas and Ill see you soon :)

Con Todo Mi Corazón,
Elder Farrow

1. With stake pres and his fam
2. My favorite Grandmas of Hermosillo
3. Ari and Samantha :)

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