Monday, December 30, 2013

RIP 2013

1. Christmas Eve! waiting for Papa Noel!
2. We gave the nerf basketball hoop you sent me to the Bracamontes family, and they absolutely loved it! :)
3. one of the thousands of meals I had this week!
4. Today for Pday we went and climbed the cerro de la campana with our zone and the grandkids of hermana Moreno

Dec 30, 2013

this week was an excellent week. this christmas will definitely be one I will never forget. I was so grateful for the love i felt on our Skype call! you guys are hilarious and I felt like I hadn't missed a beat. I think my favorite part of our call was sharing a special moment with my younger sisters and talking about their future missions. oh and also seeing how enormous my older sisters stomach is! haha I have been so pleased with the way the year has ended and I cant wait for this next one to start. 2014 brings so many new opportunities, trials, friendships, jokes, memories, and ways to improve.

finishing off christmas day, we made a few visits to our favorite families and investigators and ate. then we ate, and before we left, we decided to eat. and finished our week of pretty well. Like always we are in the "stop teaching some, start teaching others" stage of missionary work. Our teaching pool nearly doubled this week. Lots of new questions to answer, stories to hear, and faces and names to memorize! these are all good things :) one of my favorite things to do on a first lesson is directly ask them to be baptized. this really helps us with the weeding out process. Most of the time you are able to tell if they will progress based upon their reaction to a simple, clear and direct invitation to be baptized.

our zone is working so much better, each weekend we report dats to the offices and we have seen huge numerical improvement in these last 3 months. its been fun to be a part of the motivation and capacitation part of helping the zone. Our zone motivates Elder Joyner and I to do our very best work and not waste any time doodling around, and to focus ourselves the people we teach.

This week should be a fun one too. we will try our best to stay out of trouble with the pachangas going down on every street. they tell me Hermosillo is a party town. we shall see. This week I have plans to combat the temptations satan throws with a word of wisdom pamphlet in hand. I love the safety that comes from obedience to living gospel principles. I love my God, my Savior and my Church! Have an exceptional week my good family. Love you all tons

-Elder Farrow

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