Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beautiful Smiles :D

March 4, 2014

I am filled with joy! haha I feel like I am getting worse and worse writing these emails, but my life just gets better and better. This week turned out to be super solid. After a rough start we picked up the work and had a lot of success finishing the week. I have loved to see the progress in every area I have been in and it has been fun seeing the growth in Satelite. I swear the members here have made some awesome changes in their lives and its great to see them every week. They are so open with us sometimes, and often we just laugh with what they tell us, and do our best to share em a scripture that fits their needs. They are my family :) But! yes this week was fun.

It is great seeing the missionary work of one brother here. His name is Hermano Jose Carlos Orduño and is a RM. He has consistently brought his new girlfriend to church this last months and we got a chance to visit her couple times this week. They area cutest happiest couple and have huge beautiful smiles. They are already thinking about the temple and are spiritually pumped. She wants to be baptised next week on the 14th! the campo is blanco my friends.

We have been having fun bouncing back and forth between old investigators. I look to the heavens for some personal revelation, because sometimes we have no direction with them. do you want baptism? we ask them, and they say, yes, but no. haha we love em to death and we cant drop them because they are some of the few that are going to church.

Thursday night we had a cool experience. After a pretty sweet appointment canceled on us we were walking away from their house and saw a youngin of 9 years old on her scooter. we said, "hey! where are you goin?" she told us to her house. We asked her if we could go too haha she said, ummm sure! so we followed little Fabiola to her house and met her grandma out on the front porch. We had a brief random conversation about her dog, and I asked her if it would be alright if we could pass in to sing her and her family a song. She kinda didnt really give us an answer, but we went in anyways. We sang I Need Thee Every Hour super well with harmonies and one by one the family members gathered around us. Some even sat on the ground in front of us. They asked if we could sing another one and we did, later we shared a quick scripture and left. But before leaving we testified our hearts out and told them the peace, love and tranquilidad that they felt was an undeniable presence of the Holy Ghost. They were almost in tears just feeling the spirit. It was way cool. Most of the family was leaving out of town Sunday to go to a nearby pueblo so they couldn't go to church , but we definitely have plans to visit them this week and only hope they will accept our message :) I have faith that they will!!!

Also Elder Christensen and I had a solid visit with 17yr old Wendy. Her baby boy named Jose Andres has been in the hospital for 3 months and has had quite a bit of complication there. Wendy was a very humble and sensitive young lady who loved our message of the love of god and the atoning process that heals our wounded souls. This gospel applies to everyone! It is such a fun job we have. I am happy and praying so hard for the people in my area. the mission is so intense and always keeps me on my toes, lookin for more people to love, teach and baptise.

I know this church is true and I know this is the Lords work. There is no greater blessing in my life right now then to be serving my Savior and Heavenly Father! I hope you all have an amazing week! peace!

Elder Farrow

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