Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Awesome way to end! Assisting!!!!!

March 17, 2014

This week ending up being another week of miracles and an amazing way to finish up my time here in Satelite. Transfers came this Sunday and I have been called to serve as one of the Assistants to the President! I am very humbled by this new opportunity I have to serve the Lord as being a leader for the mission! I am actually really excited, anxious and ready to get to work with my brothers here in the field as an assistant. The leaders that have served before me have done their jobs so well and are excellent missionaries. I know I have some big shoes to fill. President gave me a call last night and gave me a mini pump-up speech, to get my mind going and wheels rolling, ready to hit the ground running at full speed. The mission has seen so many awesome changes in my time in Mexico and I know that we will see lots more progress in these next months to come. stoked!

This Thursday we were able to baptise one of our investigators named Lupita! (I had taught like 45 other Lupitas on the mission and she is the 1st to be baptised! haha) I have talked about her before, she is the bubbly, smart girlfriend of a brother here in the ward. He an his family basically did all the work and testifying, she was a super chosen daughter of our heavenly father. Lupita also received the Holy Ghost this Sunday, and her boyfriend/fiance Jose Carlos confirmed her a member of the church, and pronounced one of the most beautiful blessings I have ever hear in a Sacrament meeting. The spirit was strong and it was super special to hear him bless her with, hope, motivation, courage and faith. It was silent, you could hear a pin drop and even the babies took a break from crying to hear this one.

Later in the week Elder Christensen and I did splits with 2 missionaries who were strugglin a bit in the zone. I stayed in my area with high hopes to have an awesome day full of lessons, and crazy spiritual experiences. However it honestly turned out to be one of the worst days I had ever had in our area haha I just kinda had to laugh. Every single one of our citas fell through and everybody we tried to visit wasnt home or were busy. Together me and this young Elder did our best to laughed it off, and keep our chins up. I wish I could tell you that we ended the night with an incredible visit and met 3 new families that want to be baptised, but it just didn't happen! haha I love the mission.

Saturday night swung around and I was invited to participate in another baptism for my good buddy Jonathon! He is the little brother of Brayan from el Barrio Cuauhtemoc. It was so good to see so many faces of loved one and converts in the church building at Las Lomas. And it was such a privilege to be back in the baptismal waters and baptise my buddy Jonathon :)

I know that the ups and downs as a missionary help me keep my guard up, my heart in the right place, and my mind focused on this great work. I love being a missionary for this church. My testimony will never cease to grow. I have too much passion and love for this work to let anything get in my way. This week in my personal studies my eyes were opened even wider to the infinite atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the reason and method to our happiness! I love my family and pray for you always :) Have a great week!

Remember The Nails,
Elder Farrow

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