Monday, June 23, 2014


June 23, 2014
My buddy Pedro! His business is a yard sale and I bought a 15 peso hawaiin shirt.

Octavio y Rossy y su familia

My comp and our bike machanic Domingo! hah


La Familia Gallardo!


This week was insane! haha We had so much fun and were able to see tons of tender mercies of the Lord. We were blessed with awesome results in the weekend and saw many of our investigators at church Sunday! The teacher didnt show up fro the second hour class, and I was again blessed with the oportunity to teach haha I had a lot of fun with it and even got a little emotional talking about how happy family can be when they live the gospel!! awwww naturally I was thinking about you guys and got a little touched thats all.

We are honestly teaching like crazy people and finding new families and randoms to teach like crazy. Out of all out inversigators Pedro is one of my favorites. He is one of my favorites. He is this 75ish year old man who wants to get baptised. We laugh so dang hard with this guy. He almost had us rolling on the ground laughing when he told us he fell asleep on the couch with a half eaten banana in his hand and when he woke up in the morning he was covered in ants hahah the craziness of the mission. There is a super sweet family Gallardo who went to the church this week. The dads name is Javier, He is a single father and a super less active who hasnt been to the church in years but has a solid testimony of the divinity of the book of Mormon. He completely supports his children and wants them to be baptised. After a feew powerful spirit guiding lessons throughout the week we were also happy to see Octavio, Rossy and their two boys in church this week!

Keep these guys in your prayers. With worldly temptation at an alltime high, they are going to need all the support they can get! Among other things here in PeƱasco, I have loved experimenting with new foods. haha lots of seafood and especially a cool new fruit called guamuchiles! haha grow on trees here and they are everywhere. We ride our bikes under them and when there are branches low enough to touch, we reach up high and grab a handful of them while passing by. I am constantly impressed by the lovingness of the people here. They are super receptive and almost never rude (like alot of people in Hermosillo haha). Everybody is happy here because Mexico is doing well in the World Cup. My farmers tan is becoming more visible and I feel like I am smiling more and more everyday.

Life is good. My companion is getting more confident and is adjusting well to the mission! We keep on working hard and look forward to many baptisms in the upcoming month! My faith grows daily and I feel closer and closer to my Savior every week. I love my family and I love my God!

Elder Farrow

1. La Familia Gallardo!
2. Octavio y Rossy y su familia
3. My comp and our bike machanic Domingo! hah
4. cruisin!
5. My buddy Pedro! His business is a yard sale and I bought a 15 peso hawaiin shirt.

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