Monday, June 9, 2014

Puerto Penesco!

June 9, 2014

Completely exhausted from a 3 month rally of traveling Sonora, I have finished up my time as an asistant! Today, only after one last 7 hour bus ride, I find myself in Puerto Peñasco! I will be finishing my mission as a trainer and a district leader. I am really pumped for this change. Finally back in an area, time to relax, breath, meditate and BAPTISE!! My new companion is Elder Corona from Morelos Mexico! He seems like a stud and I am stoked to get to know him. I have a feeling we will have tons of success together and I know will be working dang hard in order to baptise here.

This week Elder Christiansen and I booked it to Nogales then to Agua Prieta and worked dilligently with 4 of the finest Zone Leaders in our mission. Great animo, hard workers and sick areas. I was impressed by the hills we crossed in Nogales and once again amazed by the humility of the people in Agua Prieta. My love for the people os Sonora grows every hour, and especially we I see their eyes glow with hope when we explain to them Gods beautiful plan for them. Simply said, some things never get old as a missionary.

I was able to capacitate (or speak/teach, I'm not even sure if capacitate is a word in English haha) many times this week to many missionaries, first on Tuesday at a Leadership training meeting with all the Zone Leaders, Later on Thursday to the missionaries in la Zona Nogales, Friday to Zona Sierra Madre, and lastly today speaking to and teaching the brand new generation of missionary who are ready to start their adventures here in Sonora. I felt the spirit of the Lord often as I explained to all their purpose as representatives of Christ, and even when I had to be a little more direct and explain to them how they can be even better in the field. I have absolutely loved reaching out to many missionaries and only hope that I have been a valuable service to them in these months past.

Watching the sunset tonight I said a quick personal prayer, giving thanks to my Father in Heaven for all of the incredible blessings, experiences and miracles he has blessed me with. It is strange to think how much personal progress I have seen in such little time. I truly feel protected while I am in the Lords hands, and I now He is the reason for the progress I have seen! I still anticipate more changes as I work diligently here in Puerto Peñasco!!! hahah yeee I am super excited to get started. we are opening an area again and I don't know anybody and it was a miracle we found a place to write haha

I love you all and am grateful for your prayers. They never go unanswered :)

Remember The Nails,
Elder Farrow

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