Monday, October 1, 2012

Love getting emails!!! His 2nd;)

Sept 21, 2012

Hello Family!!!!

I have tons to tell you and such little time to email! Thank you all for your constant love and support. Ill say it again, letters are GOLD in the MTC! it makes me so happy to see these little updates throughout my day. the letters get printed off around 4 and that is usually when my brain begins to fry. sunny side up of course. I'm trying my absolute hardest to stay positive throughout these hard days! The Spanish is coming. poco a poco. I have the opportunity to teach an investagator almost every day. In spanish! I am currently teaching 2 people, Elena and Andres. both are turning out to be very difficult and different from each other. Elena likes to talk and Andres is as Catholic as they come. haha its great. and I have tons of fun teaching these guys. it is just a little glimpse of what it will be like out in the field. I spend tons of time flipping through preach my gospel every day, and i am loving tearing through pages in mi libro de mormon. Reading in spanish is slow, but I get way more out of my studying by taking it one verse at a time.

I truly have been blessed to be called to be a Zone Leader! its been a lot of work, jumping around from interviews with other elders and going to meetings. It does take out a big chunk of my personal study time throughout the day, and that is what I looked forward to! But, I love getting to know all of the missionaries in my zone personally. I'm trying my best to be an awesome example for erryone, at times it is hard. We had a 6 hour block of language study on tuesday, and I was just about to loose it. Half way through  I started singing primary songs in my African American Baptist voice and it made me sane again!

Bailey! awesome job singing at da pep rally! I'm sure it was amazing! momma just a few little updates for you! My bulky missionary shoes make me 25 pounds heavier but seem to be working just fine. I play soccer almost every day, and the latinos have accepted me as one of their kind. They say I'm prettty good for a white guy and ask me where I learned how to play so well, I answer and say. I had a good coach when I was 5 years old playing at AYSO! thanks mom. I havent stepped on a scale lately. Food is good, and Im eating more salads, its better than some of the Turkey burgers or fake bean burritos they are feeding us! My companion Elder Jones is having a difficult time here at the MTC, it makes me sad when I see him down. I am trying my best to keep his spirits high. He is a  nice kid, but I think the changes from a freshman in college to a full time missionary were a lot for him!!!

As difficult as these days are here at the MTC, I am constantly feeling the spirit here. I know my testimony is being strengthened everyday! I love being a missioinary and a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ! I am so thankful for the upbringing i had, and for the chances I had to be a leader growing up. I can see how all these opportunities are going to help me on my mission already! I love speaking Spanish and sharing my testimony! I love memorizing scriptures, giving 5 minute talks in sacrament and serving the Lord! I love you all!

-Elder Farrow

PS thank you Nanny and bompa for the care package! perfect snacks for a missionary :) Thank you Snows for brightening my day your letter and Krispy Kremes! Mom and Dad and family! thanks for your constant love.
PSS I can do a standing backflip now.

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