Friday, October 12, 2012

Elder Farrow got his Visa!!!!

 Blake on a round about way to on for explanation!
 I'm sure it is great to be out and about and see civilization!!!
 Boise State football stadium

 Mexican Consolate in Boise with Elders needing to get their visas!
A thumbs up to getting the official stamp he needed!!!!

Hello Family!

This week was the best week of my mission by far! I have so much to tell you all about. To start off, Conference last weekend was absolutely incredible. I ate up absolutely every word. I was in tune with the spirit and lots stood out to me. My favorite talks were President Eyring's on our relationship with God and "pavilions", Elder Ballard's about the Bees, and Holland's talk of loving our savior! And the BIG NEWS! oh man I could not believe my ears when the Prophet announced the age changes for missionaries. I immediately thought of my sisters, my cousins and my Chelsea! What an amazing experience it will be for so many of our young women to begin preparing for a mission and serving at age 19! Mom you have your work cut out for you as Young Womens prez ;) It was definitely the talk of the MTC for a couple days. The news was equivalant of when Dumbledoor read Harry Potter's name out of the Goblet of Fire!

In other news, I was able to hear from 2 power house speakers at the MTC this week. First Chad Lewis was a NFL football player and served a mission in Taiwan! He was a big dude and really got us pumped to get out in the field and share our testimonies! My favorite of his quotes was "Bring thunder to your missions". Also, on Tuesday night I had the incredible opportunity to hear from Elder David A. Bednar! He sure brought the spirit. He spoke on the importance of studying and living the words of the prophets. This made my conference experience even better! He spoke a little about the new mission age revelation and said that the Lord will do His work in His Time! We were indeed spiritually fed by his words, he even spoke 15 minutes past the hour that he had assigned to speak. I dont think the MTC president minded ;)

Hey, if you were wondering if I was in Boise, Idaho on Thursday at the Mexican Consolate's Office, I WAS!!!!!! I heard news from the travel office that I was going to get my visa on thursday in Boise! Crazy news.  I left from the MTC at 3am on Thursday morning with Elder Balli and about 7 other missionaries that were going to Hermosillo with me. We traveled to Oakland, CA then made our way to Boise at about 11. We were greeted at the Boise Airport by a cute senior couple and they were our tour guides for the day. Doodled around in the town for about 4 hours till the office was open. We visited Boise State Stadium and saw the blue astro turf! We also took a little nature walk at a local park that was close to the consolate office. What a day it was! alot of reading and studying. I memorized D and C 4 in spanish. But, after waiting for 3 hours in the most uncomfortable plastic chair in the waiting room, I was finally called to take my picture and sign some papers. About a half hour later I had my visa stickered onto my pasport!!!! Made our way back to the airport and was back to the MTC at 10. Such a loooong day. But tons of fun.

I will probably continue to say this my entire mission. The days are long but the weeks are short. Time is definitely flying by. I love it here and and growing tons. I have been called to be District Leader! i will be in this position for my remaining time at the MTC. Very lucky to serve in 2 leadership positions before the mission field. With this new job I have to chance to check for my District's mail every day. definitely a highlight of my day. Thank you for the letters family and friends! Sister Snow, Chelsea, Bre, Lando, Jacquelyn, Ryan, Alex, and Evan! You guys are awesome and thanks for your letters. I wish I could right you all back. No time!! Without fail, getting a letter from a loved one puts me in a good mood and I love hearing stories, jokes, and the great advice you all give. Bailey, you are wonder Woman. Keep up the good work in school and playin Hockey! you little badger eater knuckle brain! I love you all! thank you all for your love. I'm workin hard every day! You are in my prayers.

Elder Farrow

P.S. Jacob Ross Clingo! Cant wait to see you here with me sooon!!! good luck with your farewell talk, and dont be afraid to give me a shoutout ahahhaha love you man. stay pitted.
P.S.S. YOLO flapple

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