Monday, October 1, 2012

First email from the MTC

September 14, 2012 (First MTC letter)

Hola mi familia!!!!!!!!!

Ahh this is crazy! I'm writing my very first email home! :) I have so much to say and so little time to write you all. Let me fill you in a bit. Today is Friday, my P day. I have done laundry, changed sheets, and gone to the Temple! Overall today has been a much needed break from the business of the MTC. Every second of everyday is planned out for me, there are little to no breaks throughout the day. However, I do have about an hour of personal study each day! This last week has been overwhelming! My good cousin Elder Pliler gave me some fantastic advise about the MTC. He said, "Dont  fight the change." Family, I am EMBRACING this change! From day one I realized how much work I was going to have to do. I go to bed exhausted and pop right out of bed ready to work. The MTC is truly a sacred place. I have the opportunity to feel the spirit everyday! It isn't hard when you walk the halls with over 2700 missionaries. Things are getting much better! the days are going by slowly, but the week has flown by.

I have BIG NEWS! I have been called to be Zone Leader for my Zone. When I was called on my first Sunday here, I was blown away! my heart dropped and I was speechless. I had been at the MTC for less than a week and my branch president had called me to be a leader in charge of over 70 missionaries. Amazing. I don't know why My companion and I were chosen, as we were such young Elders. I didnt feel ready. missionaries had been here for 6+ weeks and knew their way around the MTC much better than I did. I thought long an hard, I prayed even harder. In my patriarchal blessing it says I will be a force of good during my mission, and that I will help uplift missionaries while I serve. So I say, BRING IT ON

BRING IT ON! I am ready for the next few weeks as a Zone Leader! Already I have attended 3 leadership meetings and even given a tour to new missionaries. I am striving to be a perfect example to the other missionaries. As Zone leader I am in charge of 6 Districts. crazy! Also, Garret was in the same branch that I was in and the branch presidency knows and loves Garret! what are da odds of dat?

I love it here. My testimony is growing everyday! It is hard work, but so much fun. I love my district and my companion. Ok, about Elder Jones. He is a wipper-snapper. In short he comes from a small town in Ohio, plays in the marching band, likes to play 4 square during out gym hour, and has an amazing testimony! That is why he is such a stud, he is a smart guy and we teach well together. We are currently teaching a man named Marcelo. (He's a volunteer from Provo, but we pretend it is totally real, and we speak only in SPANISH!) he lives with his girlfriend and has a baby boy. things are going well and through out terrible Spanish I asked him to be baptized yesterday. Well, he said he would prepare for baptism; we set a day for late October.

Spanish is coming slowly, and I learn 100000000000 new words a day. Each day is crazy and my head hurts by the end of the day. Naturally I get down sometimes. Family and friends, thank you for your love and your Dear Elder Letters! Mom the advice you gave me in you letter yesterday turned my day around and I am even more positive. Mom you said that I need to loose myself in the work of Jesus Christ! oh man that made me open my eyes! I was being so selfish, looking inward, worrying about my problems. I am not a disciple of Christ and I am going to act like it! I am striving every hour to be the Missionary that my Mom, Dad, sisters, brother, family and friends pray that I will be. but really! keep the letters coming family!!! I love the advice :) Dad, I love you so much! Thank you for being that anchor in my life. I look up to you more than you know. Brooke and Bailey! You guys are cool. Brittany thanks for your update on Cam! seems like it was just yesterday he was in diapers. oh wait... Moons! Thanks for your letters, good luck with this year of school! Uncle Rob, I am 30 pages into the Book of Mormon and chasing your record of 1 and 1/2 times through the BOM in the MTC!

You are all in my prayers! I love being a missionary, and am so pumped for the next 2 years of my life. I have been prepared, and I know those Mexicanos are ready for me to come marching up to their casas!!! I love you all. Especially you Brinley!

-Elder Farrow

PS- thanks for the care package! i got it this morning! whooooo yeah!! love life :)

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